Advanced Care 6 - Be careful when downloading Advanced Care


I used Advanced Care computer cleaner (free version) for over a year and was very satisfied with the job it did keeping my computer clean of spam and spyware.I decided that since the program worked so well, I would purchase the "Pro" version when the company made a very good price offer.

Within a week of downloading the full version, my web browser, (Explorer) stopped opening certain web pages. These were well known websites and had no reason to be blocked. My computer eventually froze and I lost control of many other functions. I uninstalled the whole program and was able to go to a previous restore point and regain the use of my computers.

When I contacted Orbit about this problem, they sent me a link and wanted me to reinstall it again. No WAY!!!!

If it had just occurred on one computer I might have thought it was something else but it happened on all that I installed it on (3) I installed CCleaner and it is working fine.I did try to install the free version of Advanced Care but there must be some leftover parts on my hard drive as it will only install the PRO version that I purchased.

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